“Quick, lets get some weapons in the War room”

Volcanic and Rumble ran though the hallway, shaking by the shooting of the Mealstrom ship. A loud explosion was heard: The Mealstrom was inside.

Volcanic and Rumble both felt at the ground by the blast, and parts of what once was a wall seperated them from each other.

“Volcanic, no!” shouted Rumble

“Rumble, run to the War room and get some weapons” Volcanic responded.

“And you then?”

“I can handle myself for a short period, but get some weapons quick”

Rumble ran away like he never did before, while Volcanic fighted Stromlings with his bare hands.

He tried to get out of the hallway, but the debris locked his only way out, and the enemy was getting stronger and stronger.

You could hear everywhere shooting of guns and clashing of swords.

Volcanic hoped Rumble found the weapons and was on his way back to him, he couldnt fight much longer.

Then, a large Stromling-Ape appeared, and smashed Volcanic against a wall.

“What should I do” he thought, and the Ape raised his fists to smash him one more.

But right before the Ape smashed him, a black bird flew over and scrashed the Mealstrom creature in his face.

“The black bird!” Volcanic thought, and in the few seconds the Ape was distracted, Volcanic could stand up and run away.

The bird flew in front of him, like a guide, and Volcanic followed him to an Escape Pod.

The bird was already in it, but Volcanic doubted: “I can’t leave Rumble and the crew here, can I?”

But then he saw the Ape coming around a corner, running towards him.

“No time to doubt” Volcanic thought, and jumped in the Escape Pod.

A few moments later the attack was fight off by the Nexus Force.

“The debris is almost removed, Rumble” A minifigure said while he held a shovel in his hands.

“Volcanic, are you there, can you hear me?” Rumble yelled.

But the only thing he saw was an Escape Pod flying away though space….

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