Volcanic and Rumble were standing in the Bridge, a panorama deck on which you could have a view at space.

"It looks beatiful, doesn't it?" Rumble said.

"Yeah, infinitive stars and worlds, most still undiscovered." Volcanic replied.

"You know" Rumble began: "Being here in Sector 9 isn't so bad."

"Indeed" Volcanic said: "Back home in Sector 1, I was a member of the Venture League who'd never discovered anyting.

Here, I am a crew member of the Nexus HQ, how cool sounds that?"

"I think I'm going to bed" Rumble said.

"Yeah, it has been a long day"

They slept on a bunk bed, Volcanic on the upper bed, Rumble at the under bed.

When they lay down, Rumble slept immediately.

Volcanic first couldn't sleep, he had the feeling he was being watched, however, he didn't feel threatened, he felt more like someone was guarding him.

And with this feeling, he fell asleep after a while....

In the middle of the night, they woke up, the alarm was going off.

"What's going on" Volcanic shouted.

He saw very dimly in the dark, the red light of the alarm.

When he wanted to take a look outside their room, he forgot he was on the upper bed of the bunk bed, and fell on the ground.

"Volcanic!" Rumble yelled "You alright?"

"Yeah I'm okay, lets take a look at what's going on."

When they opened the door and entered the course, they saw it through the windows. A large Maelstrom ship was shooting enter hooks at the N.S. Victory.

Many stromlings and some other creatures Volcanic never saw before climbed over the ropes from their ship to the Nexus Starship.

"We are under attack!"

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