The room was so big and dark, that you couldn't see the walls.

In the middle of the room was a small light.

"What's that?" SpinDinoMummy asked.

"I don't know" Volcanic said: "Let's walk towards it".

When they were close enough, Samri shouted: "It's a weapon rack!"

Rumble was looking worried: "Uh oh, that means we have to use them presently".

Cecelia took a weapon first, a longbow: "Easy to carry, and you can kill enemies without being noticed".

After she took it, Samri took two assasin knives, Spin took a sword, and Volcanic took two small axes.

Only Rumble didn't know what he wanted to take: "I'm not as much a fighter as you guys"

Suddenly, he saw something under the other weapons: a Thinking-hat.

"Maybe I can support you with some imagination".

The team walked further till they arrived at a wall.

"Look" Cecelia said "There's a hole up there"

"But how do we get so high?" Spin wondered.

"I could climb up with my axes" Volcanic suggested "But I don't know how you can get up there".

"I got an idea" Rumble said: "I can build stairs with my Thinking-hat".

No sooner said than done.

Once they arrived at the hole, they crawled though the hole in the wall.

It turned out to be a long small tunnel, and they crawled till Samri, who was crawling ahead, suddenly whispered: "Shhhh, there are some Stromlings over there"

"How many?" Volcanic asked.

"Uhm, I guess 40"

"Well, that's 8 for each of us" Spin said enthusiastic: "Let's battle".

"Me and Cecelia go first" Samri said "And we try to kill as many Stromlings as we can without being noticed.

Once they notice us, you will join the battle and kill the other Stromlings."

Samri and Cecelia sneaked towards the warriors of the Maelstrom, and while Cecelia was shooting them one by one, Samri back-stabbed them with his knives, till....

One Stromling noticed Samri and before Cecelia shot him, he made some sort of noise, so the other Stromlings knew they were under attack'.

"Now it's our turn" Volcanic said, while he and Spin jumped into a crowd of Stromlings with their weapons raised.

Together with Samri, they battled the Maelstrom, with Cecelia giving them support with her longbow.

But no matter how fast Cecelia reloaded her arrows, the Stromlings were approaching her faster.

She yelled for help, but the others were busy with their own.

Then, the unarmed Rumble appeared.

He jumped in front of Cecelia and a huge imagination orb formed around them.

The Stromlings blew away, and the battle was over....

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