"The biggest spaceship used by the Nexus Force?"

"And we are asked if we want to be crew members?"

Volcanic and Rumble couldn't believe it.

"Yep" said the heavily armored and weaponed guy, who turned out to be a Nexus Guard: "What's your faction?"

"Mine is Venture League" answered Volcanic.

"Mine is..."

"Wait!" the Nexus Guard reacted: "You are still loyal to the Sector 1 factions?

Don't you have a new one, like the Creators, or the Guardians?"

"Uhm.....nope, are there new factions?" Rumble was surprised.

The Nexus Guard said: "You see that building?"

At the end of the street, there was a huge building towering above all the other buildings.

"Go there, and find your new faction."

Volcanic and Rumble walked towards the structure and when they heard someone.

"Hey, Volcanic, over here!"

It was Samrizoom, an old friend from Volcanic which he hadn't see for too long.

"Hey, Samri, good to see someone known."

"You want to find your new faction too?"

"Yeah, it's kinda weird but....."

Volcanic told him the whole story about Studs Down, the wormhole and about their long sleep.

"Wow, that's a story, I wanted to help the Nexus Force so I went thought the wormhole yesterday, but you guys didn't choose for this." Samri was looking compassionate.

"Don't worry, we will enjoy of this journey.....and maybe we once find a way out of this Sector."

"I see you met a well-known person, Samri?"

A girl was stepping out of the crowd.

"May I introduce: Cecelia, my sister"

"Well hello Cecelia" Volcanic said: "I've heard many stories of you from Samri, but I've never met you."

"Same for me, Samri told me much about you, great to meet ya" Cecelia responded.

Volcanic introduced Rumble: "This is a friend of me: RumbleGhostBrick, but please call him Rumble, he experienced the same as me"

"Nice to meet you" Rumble said.

Suddenly, a Eclipse member, who guarded the building shouted: "The room is free again, please enter, and..... good luck."

Volcanic, Rumble, Samri, Cecelia and another guy named SpinDinoSkull had to enter a lift.

The doors closed and when they opened, the minifigures were standing in a huge, dark room.

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