"So the dark creature is a good guy?"

Ben was amazed: "Maybe he will help me when there's some Mealstrom down in the mines.

Anyway, you really earned the rocket, wish you the best, my friends"

Volcanic and Rumble thanked the miner and said goodbye.

Once they were out the atmosphere of the rocky world, Volcanic asked Rumble: "So, where shall we go now?"

"Well, Ben said we are trapped here, so we can't go back to our home.

Let's find a more populated area first"

"Ben said something about Imagination Gardens, how about that?"

"Yeah, let's go there".

With some help of minifigures they met during their journey, they finally arived in Imagination Gardens.

"Wow" Volcanic said, this place looks great.

They were looking from a mountain in a valley, full of buildings under construction.

"There's a whole civilization build in front of us"

"What minifig's can do in only a month, it's unbelievable"

They descend off the mountain and went to the town.

They saw minifigures with pets running and jumping around.

Vendors and shops everywhere.

"We need some money" Volcanic said.

They walked a bit further in town till someone shouted at them.

"Hey guys, you want to earn something?"

A professional-looking, heavily weaponed person was looking at them.

"Well, what do have for us" Rumble answered.

"Ever heard of the Nexus HQ"?

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