"I got a rocket, which you can use to fly to another world...." Ben said.

"That would be great" Rumble responded.

".....but, you have to earn it" Ben continued.

"There is something dark down in the mines, I don't know what, but I guess it's Mealstrom.

It lurks in the shadows and every time I look back, it hides itself, but I know it is there somewhere.

If you catch and smash it, you can have my rocket."

"So?" Volcanic asked "We have to go unarmed into the mines?"

Ben gave them both a pickaxe: "I'm sorry guys, these are the only weapons I have."

So, Rumble and Volcanic went into the mines, and from the beginning, they felt something was watching them.

"I don't feel very comfortable" Ruble said.

"No I don't feel either, but if we want to leave this place, we have to find the creature first" Volcanic answered.

Suddenly, they saw a strange insect-like creature on their path.

"Rumble !  You see that?"

"What's that, some weird ant or something?"

"No fools" the creature growled "I'm a parasite, you're biggest fears"

"That's no match for me" Rumble said while he ran towards it.

The parasite jumped at Rumble and pushed him to the ground.

"It is stronger than it looks like" Rumble screamed.

Volcanic ran towards the parasite with his pickaxe charged

The parasite jumped like a grasshopper and Volcanic fell.

"It's done with you, Mealstrom will defeat Imagination.

It was a great mistake for you to enter sector 9"

The parasite charged his claws above Volcanic's head, ready to come down.

At that moment, something dark pushed the parasite from Volcanic.

The parasite made a weak noise and tried to escape, but the darkness lift the creature and smashed it against the rocky wall.

Now the dark thing focused itself on Volcanic and Rumble.

"This is the end" Volcanic thought.

But no, the dark minifigure (which you clearly could see now) began to speak.

"Fools, you almost died, why did you came down here, it's dangerous"

"Yeah, we see" Rumble answered.

"What are you" Volcanic couldn't hold his curiosity.

"I am the DarkHenrik, the defender of the Sector 9.

I lived here long before the Mealstromsess and you came.

I hate the Mealstromsess, they are polluting and destroying the Sector 9."

"We hate the Maelstrom too, and thank you for killing that one just" Volcanic said "Say, could you help us with another thing?"

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