woke up in a rocky area.

A few meters further, he saw RumbleGhostBrick lying on the ground.

"Where am I?" he thought , the last thing he could remember was a huge wormhole in which he was pulled.

"Rumble, wake up" Volcanic said.

"Hmmmm....what?" Rumble awoke slowly: "What is this place?"

"I don't know, but let's explore it" Volcanic responded, "This place reminds me of Crux Prime".

After climbing a while, Rumble became tired:"Wait a second, I am weary."

"Okay, let's stop here for some time, but over a few minutes, we will continue"

"Hey" Rumble suddenly yelled, "You see that smoke over there"

Indeed, there was some smoke in the distance.

"And where smoke is, there is life" Volcanic said happy, "So don't rest now, let's check out that place"

When they came closer, they saw the smoke was coming from a small cabin.

"Hello?" Volcanic exclaimed "Anyone home?"

No response.

They cautious entered the cabin and they saw someone sleeping in a bed.

"Hello!" Rumble yelled

The minifig woke up fast and frighten, but when he saw Volcanic and Rumble, he felt safe again.

"O well, hello" He said, "welcome in my cabin, I'm Ben, Ben the gentle"

"Can you tell us where we are?" Volcanic asked.

"Off course, you are in Sector 9, Miner Gardations, but why do you ask that, you know that right?"

"Sector 9?" Rumble said "What's that?"

"You don't know? Well, last month, the moment when Baron Typholus was beaten, there formed a wormhole above the hinterlands of Sector 1, The Crux Sector"

Volcanic and Rumble looked amazed to each other.

Ben continued: "It appeared to be a trap, you can't go back once you went in, and while there is almost no Mealstrom in Sector 1, there are lots of them here.

Only the bravest minifig's went in it and here we are.

I'm in a very distant world now, with very less people, but when you go to, for example, Imagination Gardens, or Bob Plaza, you will meet much more people.

Also, some guy named Boba just found another wormhole to another sector, Sector 3, Skies of Acrea."

Volcanic and Rumble were amazed to hear that, they have sleep for almost a month, and the wormhole they discovered, was one of the most important things ever discovered.

"So" Volcanic asked, "can you tell me how to reach another world, with more minifigures?"

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