Volcanic woke up, his head feeling dizzy. "Why is everything upside down? Wait…..WAIT!" Then, he realized it wasn't the world that was upside down, but he himself. He also noticed the cobweb wrapped around his feet: He was hanging upside down at a cobweb! "How to escape. Come on, Volcanic, think!" He wished he had the same creative brains as Rumble . But then he knew something. He began to softly swing back and forth. "I have to reach that branch". As he was swinging heavier, and he was almost at a branch, he suddenly heard a loud snap. "Oh well, that’s also a way". Three seconds later, he was laying on the ground. However his body hurt, he insisted himself to immediately get up and run away. Suddenly, he heard a sound coming out of the bush. "Please not again a spider" he yelled. But nope, a black bird flew out of the bush. "You? Where have you been? Why didn’t you helped me?" The bird, of course because it's a bird, didn’t answer and flew away, and Volcanic followed him. "I hope for you that wherever you take me, it's not far anymore, because I'm getting hungry. And don’t doubt that I won't eat you!" But it was not far anymore, a few hills and rivers further, Volcanic saw a light. Once he was getting closer, he saw two people sitting around a campfire. The bird flew towards them, and one of the two said: "Ah, there you are, Volcanic, you can get out of the bush there". Surprised that they knew his name, Volcanic walked out of the bush: "So what's this all?" He asked. "My name is Assemdox, a guy who was wearing a suit of which VolcanicSeaSafari couldn’t say if it was Creator or Eclipse. "My name is Darthatron" said the other guy, wearing a casual warrior suit: "We are gonna explain you everything later, but the most important is that you now eat something". After Volcanic made sure that a can of beans was empty, he asked again: What's my purpose here. And what purpose has that bird?". "The bird had the task to lead you here, now he has the task to secure you". "So…..why am I here?" "We'll tell you tomorrow, now first get some rest".