“So who or what are you?” Volcanic asked: “Not just an ordinary bird, I know that for sure”.

The black bird was looking at him, movingless, even without blinking its eye. The escape pod flew though space, slowly approaching a green world. “I need to know, why do you follow and help me since I entered Sector 9?” The bird still didn’t do anything. “Oh, come on. I am talking to a bird like it talks back to me, I must become crazy. And where are we?” Now the bird moved: It fluttered to a computer and landed on the monitor. “Out N’About Forrest?” Volcanic read: “What kind of place is it. And why does it say DANGEROUS on the screen”. The bird looked at him with its emotionless eyes. “Oh, okay. I understand.”

After the pod landed, or well, it felt to Volcanic more like a crash, Volcanic opened the door. A green, but dark jungle was stretching in front of him, with here and there a bit of sunlight shining though the big trees. “Where did you took me, my winged friend? I want you were a talking parrot.” The bird flew away. “Hey, just joking, where do you go!” Volcanic ran after the black bird, while the environment became more dark: “Where are you leading me to?” At a certain point, Volcanic saw the trees were filled with cobwebs: “So that’s what keeps the sunlight away. Can’t mean anything good”. An horrifying thought came up in Volcanic: These trees weren’t filled with just webs. There were also in web wrapped skeletons hanging between the leafes. Skeletons from minifigures, Stromlings and creatures Volcanic never saw before. In his eyecorners he saw something moving, and suddenly, a large dark spider jumped out of the bush. On that moment, Volcanic realized he had nothing to defend himself. He ran away like he never did before, but the spider followed him, while the forrest became more dark and webby. “Oh no” he said: “A dead end”. The spider threw him on the ground, between a lot of webs and bones: “What is it with you bad guys” Volcanic screamed: “Always throwing me on the ground”. But then he saw something shining between the webs: A spear! The spider raised above Volcanic, ready to crush him, or bite him, or whatever it wanted to do, but just when it dropped itself, Volcanic took the spear and the spider stabbed itself. An awfull noise making, the spider crawled away, leaving a proud and alive Volcanic behind: “Yeah, I did it! Without the help of my winged friend this time!” He didn’t saw how something large, with eight feet came down off a tree next to him…