As Onyx rose out of the imagination generator we all gaped at the sight. Well except for Cecilia, since she did not know him. "Sister umm meet Onyx." I said "I'm...back?" said Onyx sounding a little confused. After a silence Fives communicator rang off and when he answered, a hologram of Lord Protectus rose up. "Team report to Nexus HQ... quick!" And he hung up and we ran to the rocket.

Once the team arrived they were brought to a meeting room and there sat the Faction Leaders, Volcanic and Rumble. "Volcanic!" said Samri with joy and they shook hands. After they got settled Newton started talking,"Both of your teams have done amazing things, so we decided to send you to special missions on the same world. Samri your team will explore Barred Forest, Volcanic and Rumble you two will go to Barred Mountains." "Yes!" We all yelled. "Good luck." I said to volcanic "Same goes to all." he replied.

We had arrived at the Kingdoms World and we both said we would meet back at the launch pad so we took our paths. Cecilia was climbing on trees and jumping into fights with Maelstrom until I said. "Cecilia please stop! You never know what's slumbering in these caves." "Why so scared brother, what here could take us on?" She replied and I said back. "I`m not scared, I`m trying to-" She cut me off with a loud howl, and I heard a loud CRASH! "R-Re-Regal Troll!!!!" Yelled Fives, as a giant Troll rose from a cave.

We fired and sliced but could not get in good hits, the troll brought down its hand on Onyx but went right through him. I took the opening and cut his arm. It raged in pain and kicked at Cecilia, but she took the chance and climbed up its leg onto its shoulder and Onyx stole its attention by flying around its head; so I yelled. "Formation!" And me and Fives got behind it and we all sliced at the same time and down fell the troll. After the fight Cecilia stopped acting wild and when we got far enough I saw someone...familiar from stories, I motioned for my team to stay and I walked closer. I was about to speak when he brought a swift sword butt across my head.

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