After the battle with the mayor and loosing Onyx there was no comment between Fives or Samri. They were headed for the barren Nexus Temple because they heard rumors related to a Giant Maelstrom Spider. finally I decided to speak "I hope you don't think his loss was my fault." "No, and I am sorry if it feels that way its just...he was a friend to all of us." fives replied.

Once we arrived and hopped out the ship we started walking in the direction of a high wall in the distance. "Shush I hear something." I whisper to Fives, just then a Giant Snake slithers into view and it shoots venom at Fives but he dodges it. While Fives was getting its attention by shooting it, I came from behind and hit its tail. "Sssss!!" it screamed. It turned back to me giving Fives the sight of its weak point, he shot and the snake fell, lifeless on the ground. I was about to fist bump Fives when we heard a familiar voice say "Anybody!!! humph maybe this world is actually completely barren." The person said.

I know that voice I think to myself, "Cecilia!?" I yell "Samri!" she yells back and my sister comes into view. "Wow I haven't seen you since we did that course on Imagination Gardens with Volcanic!" I yell with joy "Who`s your friend?" she says and I reply "Fives meet Cecilia my sister, Cecilia meet Fives my partner in battle". "Why are you here?" she asked "Were here to destroy the Giant Spider " Fives replies "Ooh I am coming!" she yells with joy.

We walk and walk until we arrive at the Nexus Temple, I say "Be careful." But Cecilia wasn't listening she ran and climbed the walls of the temple but a piece fell, then she fell but landed on her feet "Ha ha ha ha that was close." She said but just then we hear a "SSSSSSSSSSAAA!" And I yell "You woke him up!" We all run into the temple and see the spider and it fired a rocket at Cecilia and she dodges it by leaning back and letting it soar past her head. Fives looks confused and I tell him. "She used to be Venture League." Then all three Eclipses move in slicing, shooting and dodging until it goes down revealing what seemed to be a dead Imagination Generator and out rises the ghost of Onyx "Holy Guacamole!" I say.

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