"Why Zephyr?" asks Fives. "A fake guard, that was a robot said "My master awaits you on Zephyr." I replied "Ok, I've got the wheel." says Onyx. Once we arrive people are running like crazy. "What's going on?" asks Onyx, just then we hear "Feel true powaaaa!" and a beam hits Onyx over the edge, then Fives catches himb efore Onyx fell into the forever abyss below Zephyr.

"Samri, you have to defeat him. But be careful he packs a punch!" yells Fives straining to hold Onyx from falling. Just then the guy in the mech brings down his hand and Samri could barely block it. "I am the mayor ARDRERE!!!!". Samri slices but the mayor puts up his shield and then he brought down his hand and Samri blocked it but was buckling under its weight...ground crumbles beneath him

"I can't hold him much longer!!" says Onyx. "NO!!" Samri yells, Maelstrom power coursed through his veins and he slices one of the mayors mech arms...more ground crumbles beneath him and Fives loses Onyx. "Nooooooo!" yells Fives as Onyx falls into abyss.

In out-rage Samri and Fives take siege on the mayor. Once its over, Samri pulls the mayor out of his trashed suit. "Thanks to you my friends gone, any last words? to bad." And just like that he throws the mayor into a swarm of hardsuits. "I'm gonna end this Fives. We're gonna destroy every major Maelstrom Boss."

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