As Samri looks around in amazement he cant help but say "Wow!" Just then a Nexus Guard walks to him and says "I've heard stories about you and now that your bout a session in obstacle course so I can really see how good you are?" I look to Onyx and Fives then I look back at the guard "Your challenging me to an obstacle race?" "You bet I am." he replies while smirking.

He leads us to a room in the Nexus HQ and I get flashbacks of when I , my sister , Volcanic , Rumble and Spin went to the training facility in Imagination Gardens. "Alright lets start." says the guard and then the course fires up. I examine the course quickly and realize it goes up then I jump to a pole then the next just as a rocket flies to were I was I look to the guard confused.

"You win, how you win. That's the rule." when he said that,Samri knew something was weird, like how there where no other guards. But he still had to win, so he jumped to a stair case but before he could go to the next step it pulled in and he fell. Just then the guard uses a jet pack to get high and Samri gets up with his back hurting and says. "I picked up a little something at the vendors on Crux Minor."

And with that he takes out a grapple hook and makes it connect to the rocketing guard and it pulls him up. When he gets to the guard he doges a rocket by jumping to a ledge on the wall, "Are you crazy!" I yell. Just then I see a crank in his shoulder then electricity, he`s a robot!. Knowing this I rocket toward the fake guard and my sword impales him and we both fall to the ground. "My master awaits you on Zephyr bzzt." and he powers down. Just then I teleport back to Onyx and Jax and say "We're going to Zephyr."

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