"Okay setting course for Nexus HQ." Says Fives at the wheel. I look to Onyx and say. "How long has it been since you visited Nexus HQ?" "About a week,we go every month for meetings." He says. "Every time we go into a meeting its always just about defeating X, dragons, blah blah blah I say we could take`em." Says Fives from the wheel. I walk to the window and say. "I don`t know,something weird happened when I destroyed the generator. When I walked out of the room an image of an old enemy flashed into my head except...he was all bones."

"Wait what?...are you going crazy or some`thin? " Says Fives "No I'm serious you would not know him he was in the Nexus war his name was Baron Typhonus." "Yeah as much as I would love to talk but look! maelstrom asteroids!" Says Onyx. Fives keeps dodging but says. "We`v got to land!" So we end up landing in a giant forest. "Aah Out 'N' About Forests." Says Onyx. "Sh look, giant spider, don`t...move." Says Fives getting ready to fire. "Out of the way ya hear ya eclipse lads!"

I look behind me and see 4 expeditioners swinging on vines, one landed on top of the spider two landed on its legs and the other got behind it. Then they all struck making it explode. "Never gets old ya hear troops?" "Aye cap." They say. "Oh wow my first time meeting an expedition class soldier." I say. "Yup, you can call this here squad the 4 daredevils." Says there captain "My name is Darty Dardivol." He adds. "Well thanks but we need to go to HQ." I say.

"Well,bye but watch out for space eaters." Says Dart. Once we where in space we doubted what Darty said, but then a giant beast forms and flies after us. "Fly,fly,FLY!!!!" Says Onyx. And as I'm running to the gunner I say. "That thing is huge!!!" I start shooting but have no effect, then it eats part of one of the wings "Hang on tight were almost there!!" Says Fives. I jump out the way as it eats the gun. "Faster go faster!!!" I say, as it begins opening its huge mouth so it can swallow us whole. Just as it closes its mouth we enter the anti-maelstrom shields of the HQ. We land and I walk out. "That...was crazy but hey...were here." I say. TO BE CONTINUED.

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