I was walking to my new rocket when Seth said. "Samri wait. You'll need a team, meet Fives the eclipse gunner and Onyx the eclipse swordsman, a team of all elites." I size up my new team mates and say. "A team of 3 eclipse, nice!" "When it comes to maelstrom I don't play around." Says Fives holding his huge gun. "Ugh technology is nothing compared to a tactical slice and dice." Says Onyx feeling his blade. "Nice! Lets get going, I was planing on helping the battle on Crux Minor so lets get going." I say.

"Alright were here, lets find the battle and aid some troops." Says Onyx. "Oh I see a Expeditioner outpost, lets see what we can do." I say. When we arrive a Expeditioner guard comes up to us and says. "State yer business eclipse?" "Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Were alleys in this war were welcome in our ally`s base." I say "If yer look`in fer a job then get on that field we`r do`in something important." He says in his accent. "Whatever guys. Lets just go, I'm really itching to splatter some maelstrom." Says Onyx.

We get on the field, help some people and then we hear somebody yell. "Help!!" I look to where the voice is coming from and see a friend that I haven't seen since the Nexus War. "Its Volcanic!" I run over to him and his friend and help him with the maelstrom. "Go fix that tank, we`ll hold them off." I tell Volcanic and his friend. Onyx and I keep slashing and Fives keeps shooting. I was about to say it was to easy when maelstrom rain splatters on my visor.

Ii can't see!" I say. "I've got you." Says Onyx, and he slashes at the mech trying to get me. "Thanks." I say. Just then a voice says. "Its not over!!!!" "Who said that?" Asks Fives. Just then a maelstrom reaper, appears. "You can't beat deathhhhaaa." He says in a snake like voice, then he strikes all three of us to the ground in one blow."Hahaahahha." He yells then from behind me I hear. "Survive this death!" Volcanic and his friend fixed the tank.

Fives, Onyx and I jump out of the way as Volcanic fires at the reaper and it explodes. "Yaaaaay!" We all yell. I walk to Volcanic and say." I guess this is where we depart, but hey we will meet again as they say its a small world." "Yea." He says scratching his head. I go to his friend and say. "Thanks back there if it weren't for you we would have died." "Welcome, and by the way its Rumble." We then take our separate ways and I say. "You know what, I wanna go to Nexus HQ." TO BE CONTINUED

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