"Where's your friend ey?" Says Captain as I walk back into the room. "How bout you just give me my rocket!" I growl at him, maelstrom radiating from my purple black armor. "Oh yes, yes right on it!" He says. I get into my rocket and start cleansing myself of to much darkness then I blast off. "A planet!" I think to myself, as I approach I can't turn on the landing gear so I jump out the hatch. I land safely and start walking, then without looking back my ship crashes and explodes but I still don't look back .

"Get down dumbo!!!!!!" Says a soldier in front of me, I duck and he slices at a maelstrom that was behind me then ten more started running at us. He throws me out of the way, takes a maelstrom ball and slams it on the ground all the enemy's vanish. He takes off his helmet revealing that he is a she. "I'm Anne Chient, leader of the eclipse." " I'm Samri an elite paradox and you didn't need to help me." "Oh I think I did you almost died, and gross what's that smell!? Don't you ever clean your blade or armor?"

I was about to reply but then she says. "Oh yeah its paradox way of showing strength well guess what, your an eclipse now. Go clean yourself up before I bury you to make the scent go away." A bunch of other eclipse laugh,total humiliation I think to myself. "Its a joke, follow me" says Anne. We arrive at there base and we realized something was wrong. "Sargent Seth, where are the troops?" Says Anne Chient. "Not sure." He says, then a bunch of maelstrom start storming in. I take out my sword and charge in slicing clean through a whole brigade.

"Wow! He's good." Says Sargent Seth. "Looks like we have a new eclipse." Says Anne. "Yeah I think so too." I say while smirking. "More incoming, all troops to there stations!" Says a soldier. I look over the wall and see 25 in all. "Alright its 11 eclipses vs 25 maelstrom, lets charge with force!" Says Anne. We come in contact with the small maelstrom army. There's a bunch of slicing and dicing and maelstrom rain until we win with no casualties.

"Ha the power of the eclipse nexus force!" Says Seth. After we get back to the base Seth comes up to me and says. "I like what you did out there and I think you should have a new rocket to explore sector 9." "Wow thanks! Now I'm an eclipse and have a cool new rocket, I wonder whats next".

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