Samri and jax vs generator
Samrizoom and jax vs gen 2
Samrizoom and jax vs gen 3

It all started with a cold,scary war but ended with a great silence; but as they say every ending is a new beginning. My name is Samri, I was born a paradox but this story takes place at the end of that war so lets start. "All elite paradox report to the meeting room!" I hear Vanda say. After everyone is there she starts. "Our war may be over but we need to search other sectors. Hmm...OK Samri I'm sending you and Jax to Sector 9." "On it." Jax and I say.

Once we get in the rocket I look to Jax and say. "Stay alive, if the maelstrom are still out there well need as many minifigures as we can get." I wait for an answer and I see fear in his eyes. "I will." He says, and we lift off. (2 hours later) "Samri come look at this!" Yells Jax. I walk over to the window and see small infected rocks. "...Its...the war all over again." I say, I go to the wheel and put up the speed until we see a ship. "Lets land in that" Says Jax. "Ok." I reply.

Once we land minifigures welcome us. "Where's the commander of this ship?" I say. "Follow me." Says a minifigure named Upda High. He leads us to Captain Novabeam "What do you want?" He says. "We just need to get to the nearest world" I say "And supplies." Says Jax. The captain looks at my maelstrom sword and says "Eclipses ey?" "Um...we're elite paradox." I reply then Nova says. "All the same. Once your in Sector 9 you're an Eclipse. But to truly be worthy you must destroy the maelstrom generator." "No prob.'' Says Jax, smirking and holding up his gun.

We arrive at the generator and we walk closer it comes to life and tries whacking Jax, but he dodges and I cut off one of its arms and he shoots one. The a arm goes behind him and infects him "I'm sorry." Says Jax, and he explodes "Nooooooo!!!!!!!" I say. Then I jump super high and slice through the top and it explodes. As I walk out I see Jax's pieces sprawled on the floor, they say eclipses don't have great feelings but I cant help but shed a tear.

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