DarkHenrik is a mysterious ally to the Nexus Force in their fight against the Maelstrom Imperium.

Info Edit

Little is known of his past life before coming to Sector 9, but after his arrival, he did little in the battle against the Maelstrom forces, instead he desisted to live by himself and avoid the conflicts in the other worlds, but after some time, he started to see the destruction that the Maelstrom was causing the environments on the different worlds, and to prevent this, DarkHenrik joined the Nexus Forces as a non-member ally, mapping out the worlds for the nexus soldiers, and other groups that was fighting the Maelstrom, and also giving them intel about secret areas on the different worlds, but because he wants to do it alone, he uses his interesting ability to become fully invisible to spy on the Maelstrom activity.

If any member or non-member of the Nexus Force wants to contact him, they just have to seek him out on the world, and he then might give them some valuable info about secrets or some enemy in the area, though finding him might be a challenge...