they swore to each other that they would never part Ceceliaa was born a fighter, ever since she was a little girl she loved combat, she was great with the sword and any weapon that you gave to her.She wanted to join the venture league when she and her brother Samuri where little.They would often dual together. sometimes she won and sometimes her brother won because they both had very similar fighting strategies and they were both great and equaly strong they would always practice fighting each other they lived in a small cabin with there parents in the middle of nowhere but one day her parents had to go fight but were killed by baron typhonus.They where gone for months and never came back and Ceceleah and Samuri never heard from them again. Until one morning samri came in with a letter from the nexus tower saying that there parents passed this time they where old enough to take care of themselves so the nexus foundation did not let someone adopt them. by the time they were old enough it was time to pick a new faction. They went to nexus tower try out to see what faction they wanted to be in.They were seporated because they both wondred off in the croud. It was time to show their skills'. samuri joind the paradox and ceciliaa joined the faction she thought that her brother would choose the same faction so she was looking for him on